Sick of Infrasounds

"They have no smell, are not visible, and not really audible, but they can make some people become mad."

A Spiegel TV Magazin report, June the 7th 2015

Windturbines song

A yearly diary, written by an english woman living in Tuscany, 350m away from a wind turbine. She experienced this year as hell on Earth.

It is interesting to read it, at least to get an idea about what it is to live nearby a wind turbine...

Click here to read.

Article read in Economie Matin : German doctors encourage to definitely stop windfarming.

Click here to read (in french).

MARCH 23rd  2015 : Open letter to  european politicians concerning wind turbine noise


The following letter is an international warning and a formal demand to authorities of countries that install wind turbines.


The letter has been written in english by :

- a group of national authorities of EPAW (the European Platform Against Windfarms) of which from Danemark, UK and even Turkey (who is at war with turbine developers);
- responsables from the North American Platform (Na-Paw );

- our friends from the Australian Foundation Waubra.

This letter is co-signed by our 3 organisations and has been sent this morning, to 800 members of the European Parliament and to members of the european commission.

It is being translated in several languages and will be adapted and diffused to corresponding national authorities.